1. "If you ask people today what a street is for, they will say cars. That’s practically the opposite of what they would have said 100 years ago."
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  3. lomographicsociety:

    Cheryl Dunn Tells Us About Documentary Everybody Street

    Bruce Davidson, Elliot Erwitt, Rebecca Lepkoff, Jill Freedman, Martha Cooper… these are just some of New York’s iconic street photographers. And Cheryl Dunn, another great New York street photographer brings their stories together through documentary Everybody Street.

  4. thetbird:

    One World Trade Center, Manhattan, New York City

    (Source: alifelongexposure, via skyscraper)

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  6. 2013

  7. Colores del verano

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  9. Remis o colectivo, esa la cuestión

  10. Ella y su moto.